Why Us

Why US

Strong Management Team

The Company is well equipped with strong Management team having rich corporate experience. The capabilities and Skill of the management team has lead this company to won best small scale industry by U.P government & now we have our products deployed Nationally The potentials of the management team lead this Company make various segments which reaches out to customer requirements in microscopic levels.

IIn-House R&D and Design Department

Due to the presence of In-house design department, all drawings are created in the factory itself as per customer/ client requirement. The same gets approved by Client and is forwarded to the production department. Also, due to the presence of Research & Development Department, new innovations gets processed in the factory and the scope of Company product range increases in the competitive market.

Infrastructure Facility

We have state of art Manufacturing plants equipped with all latest Machines in-house CNC machines,9 Tank Phosphating Plant , Powder Coating Plant , Vacuum impregnation plant, Transformer Winding Machines, Tool Rooms housing multiple tools. This accompanied with sophisticated Testing Room having calibrated test equipment’s and Test Benches with well-defined testing processes in place ensuring 100% Quality focused production.

Quick Decision Making Skills

STAMBH has a policy to respond and take a decision quickly. Due to less hierarchy, each financial, technical & commercial matters are approached to the board of directors and decisions are nowhere left hanging.

Strong Service Support

The Companies vision itself speaks – “Customers for Life”. As already mentioned, STAMBH is very focussed on its after sales service. It has a whole segment i.e. STAMBH SOLUTIONS which responds to customer complaints in the fastest way possible. The segment is well equipped with technical team. Customers have provided very positive response to the service Calls.

Inventory Management

STMABH is very much focussed on assurance of quality of Raw Material purchase there is a strict compliance of checking the test certificates from the suppliers and sample functional testing of Raw Material received in our stores is done Procurement of materials is done on the basis of orders in line with the company to have inventory basis proper projections and planning. This prevents unnecessary storage of material for a long time and also prevents from increasing the cost of the company as well there is no obsolete Material in our stores . We strictly adhere to FIFO inventory management policy.