Company Policies

Various policies of STAMBH GROUP are:-

Quality Policy

Safety, Occupational health and Environmental Policy

Safety of manpower is of highest priority for STAMBH GROUP of Companies.

The company takes necessary steps in enhancing Environmental, Occupation Health & Safety (EHS) performance in each and every activities, products and services.

The Company has laid down certain EHS objectives and principles which are demonstrated to the employees and contractors by providing them training sessions on weekly basis.

The company does not allow any unauthorized entry in the factory premises. Each person should be briefed about safety rules and guidelines before entry.

The Company abides all safety rules and regulations laid by the government.

All workmen are provided necessary tools before commencement of any works. E.g. Goggles are provided for welding works. No works shall be entertained without the presence of a supervisor.

The Company stress the importance of House Keeping Drives. This ensures prevention of accidents and also creates a safe work zone.

Scrap Disposal Policy

STAMBH GROUP of companies believes in material utilization at its fullest. Finished products are made by cutting, bending, coating etc. of raw materials. Thus every manufacturing plant produces scrap at the end of the day. A per Company policy, utilization of this scrap is of utmost importance.

The Company emphasises the concept of 3R’s – Reduce. Reuse, Recycle.

Scraps have been categorised into three segments i.e. ferrous scrap, Electronic/Electrical scrap & Scrap from packing material.

Scrap management system involves certain subcategories i.e. Recycle, Minimization, Reuse, Prevention and Disposal.

As per company policy the Store Manager has to share the monthly reuse of materials with value.

Unused raw materials are returned to the seller or sold to other company/ authorized dealers.

Waste paper, old papers, cardboards etc. are used as fillers for Packaging.

Water from ETP are being used for sanitary and gardening purpose.

As per Company policy defect ratio has to be reviewed monthly.

Company has set a permissible limit to scrap production in every unit. Factory Manager has to take necessary step in reducing the scrap if it crosses the limit.

Human Resource Policy

STAMBH GROUP of Companies believes that its employees are prime assets of the Company and sources of its competitiveness.

Certain management practices are designed to enrich the quality of life of its employees, develop their potentials and maximize their productivity.

The company strives continuously to foster a climate of openness, mutual trust and team work.

Leave Policies for men and women are well designed which will ensure an employee to spend quality time with family.

Welfare programmes, Appraisal Systems, Incentives, training sessions are well designed to provide rich technical experience to the employees.

Research and development Policy

STAMBH GROUP encourages innovative ideas and provided necessary ambience to nurture the research ideas.

The company commits itself in providing all necessary resource and facilities to be used by motivated researchers of the highest calibre.